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Stone Installation

Stone resists wearing from wind, rain, ice and also fading from the sun.

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BEST Stone Installation SERVICES

Best Stone Installation Services

We are able to work with Natural Stone and Veneer Stone.

Mixtan Stucco provides you with the best stone installation services, we are able to work with Natural Stone and Veneer Stone and we offer you a variety of colors, shapes, and textures to help you achieve that outstanding look that only stone can give.

When it comes to Natural Stone all of the pieces are different, the color variations are rich and the texture is smooth. Stone Veneer on the other hand is artificial and you could often spot several identical stones here and there. In some of these stones, you might even notice a hand-painted finish in an effort to achieve a unique look.

Durability & Versatility of Stone

Durability: both are considered to fare well, however, Stone Veneer can deteriorate over time especially under harsh sunlight because Stone Veneer is often tinted with paint, the colors can fade over a few years making Natural Stone a much better candidate if you plan to use it in the exterior of your home.

Versatility: both types of stones are highly versatile, however, Stone Veneer is slightly more versatile because thanks to its reduced weight you can fix it to a variety of substrates that don’t need to be structural such as masonry or wood frame.


Exterior Stone Services

Our experts prefer using Natural Stone for this kind of job because it resists a lot of wear.

If your goal is to impress every visitor that enters your home a stone exterior is definitely one of the best ways to do it thanks to the unique look it will provide giving your home a creative appearance that will stand out. Our experts prefer using Natural Stone for this kind of job because it resists wearing from wind, rain, ice and also fading from the sun. Some of our most requested exterior stone services are:

  • Stone Siding
  • Stone Panels
  • Stone Sills
  • Pathways
  • Pool areas, waterfalls, ponds or streams
  • Garden borders
  • Stone wall cladding and coping
  • Mailbox stands

Interior Stone Services

You and your family will spend most of the time together in the interior of your home, this is why making the investment to make it a comfortable place for your family will never be a bad idea and what a better way to achieve that than with a stone interior?

A stone interior can give your home an elegant visual appeal and a cozy feeling that will remain charming for a long time, but stone interiors are not so popular just because of their looks, thanks to its high durability they need no maintenance and do not get stained or smudged even after decades have passed. Some of our most requested interior stone services are:

  • Fireplaces
  • Bathroom accents
  • Kitchen islands and walls 
  • Interior columns
  • Stone interior wall cladding and coping

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